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STOP SMA | Volunteers of Russia

The project of feasible help to children with SMA

STOP_SMA - project of feasible help for children diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, uniting volunteers into working groups. The project DOES NOT COLLECT MONEY, but helps the fees as much as possible.

about the project

The project builds work in the following areas:

Telegram groups

Volunteer groups on social networks, financial aid group, who are waiting for volunteers with a kind heart

List of groups

Register of fees

An updated online register of active charges for the drug Zolgensma, with clickable links to pages and volunteer groups

Go to registry

List of funds

The section contains charitable funds, helping SMIs. The list shows, who helps whom (on hover)

see section

Join us!

By combining in sufficient numbers, we will be able to close the fees ourselves!

Our videos (YouTube)