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about the project ⋆ STOP SMA

“There are no heroes and will not be. Until, until everyone finds their own in the mirror”. Timofey Shcherbakov

STOP_SMA - project of feasible help to children diagnosed with Spinal muscular atrophy, uniting five groups in the Telegram messenger, this site, application and register of active fees.

The first group is financial. On the day of the smiley, links to the details of the child's accounts are thrown into this group,to which everyone transfers a feasible amount. Throughout the day, the volunteers of this chat help ONLY this child.

The second, the third and fourth groups unite volunteers for informational support of SMAiliks in social networks (VK, Instagram, TikTok).

Fifth group - telegram channel, fraudulent, profit-making SMIs.

The idea of ​​the project is, to recruit active members , who are ready to help regularly! The goal of the project as a whole is to unite 1,5-3 million people, who are ready to close the fees, helping informationally and financially!!!

We plan to significantly expand the functionality of our resources and invite new volunteers.

Join us!

By combining in sufficient numbers, we will be able to close the fees ourselves!