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About the work of the project ⋆ STOP SMA

In connection with the dissatisfaction of some people with the existence of the project, we explain the following:

We, STOP SMA project | Volunteers of Russia, is not a public association, movement or any other NGO, whose activities are regulated legislation on non-profit organizations.
The project is a community of people of interest on the Internet, has no territorial affiliation, has no current accounts, does not collect funds, does not have a constant number of participants, membership and registration in any form.
The project does not have its own charter, founders, supreme executive body, all its participants are Internet users and are not identified when participating in the project.
The project does not collect and process personal data of its participants. Information resources of the project have a privacy policy of their owners, namely, social networks, messengers. Project site, located at stop-sma.ru, has its privacy policy, distributed exclusively to the specified site, rights to which belong to an individual.
The project does not have and will not have a goal in the form of fundraising for its activities.
The project does not have its own funds. All funds, transferred by the project participants to close the fees for the drug Zolgensma, are listed by individuals privately.
Thus, the project is a community, not related to the status of NPOs and conducts exclusively informational activities.