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More about SMA ⋆ STOP SMA

SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) - genetic neuromuscular disease, affecting the motor neurons of the spinal cord and leading to increasing muscle weakness. The disease is progressive, weakness begins with the muscles of the legs and the whole body and with the development of the disease reaches the muscles, responsible for swallowing and breathing. At the same time, the intelligence of SMA patients is absolutely preserved..

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, 3 major types of proximal MCA: SMA 1, SMA 2, SMA 3. The earlier the first signs of the disease appear, the more pronounced the symptoms, the heavier they are and the faster the disease progresses.

One of the main tasks of the "SMA Families" foundation is a complete and high-quality story about, what is spinal muscular atrophy. How people with SMA live. How can you help a person with SMA maximally preserve their quality of life and help preserve it for the emergence of an effective medicine for the disease in Russia?.

This can only be achieved together.: doctors, parents and relatives of someone with SMA should know, how to properly maintain it, how to build a daily routine, make his daily life easier and in time to fight other diseases and possible worsening of the condition.

You can read more about SMA at fund website “SMA families”